Module 6 : Test-retest and difficult items (practice)
Module 7 : Case studies (practice)
Module 8 : Review and integration
Module 9 : Certification test
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Instruction for the process of certification

Well done, you’ve reached the end of the training course and are now able to use the ADBB scale to detect, assess and monitor a baby’s relational withdrawal behavior. The sole aim of certification is to enable you to measure and gain confidence in your skills, and to meet training regulation obligations. Our experience is that 100% of our trainees obtain at least clinical-level certification.

Here are the different levels of certification:

– correlation of .60 with the reference score (total score) = clinical level
-correlation of .80 with reference score = research level.
-correlation of .90 with reference score = expert level.



Here are the instructions:

You will have access to 21 baby videos, all of which can be evaluated, even if you may have your doubts. None of the children were tired, ill or hungry at the time of observation. You’ll need to do an evaluation at the ADBB on you own  and report your score item by item, then the overall score in the excel file provided for download.
When you have finished, you MUST rename the excel file with your first and last name. Also enter your e-mail address in the excel spreadsheet. This will enable us to know who is sending the test and to send you back your results and certification. Once this is done, upload your file to the platform or send it to me in a private message on the community or by e-mail to we’ll get back to you as soon as possible regarding your results. We wish you all the best with your work.