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The ADBB is a scale for assessing relational withdrawal in babies between 0 and 24 months of age, with 8 observation items. It is an observation aid validated by research.

The ADBB was developed by Pr. A. Guedeney (child psychiatrist, Hôpital Bichat Claude Bernard, AP/HP Paris). The Baby Alarm Distress Scale (ADBB) is an observation aid for child professionals (paediatricians, child psychiatrists, psychologists, nursery nurses, educators, etc.). It is used in clinical settings (screening), for the evaluation of interventions, and for research.


Withdrawal is a major component of the baby’s response to the alteration of the relationship that occurs during the still-face experience or in the clinic during maternal depression.

Withdrawal behaviour is also one of the most stable developmental behaviours, despite the major changes that occur in the first three years of life.

Early relational withdrawal behaviour is therefore an important warning signal.

The baby’s defensive repertoire is indeed initially quite limited and centres mainly around protest and withdrawal.

Withdrawal is more difficult to identify than protest, yet it is involved in many situations of early psychopathology, whether they are caused initially by a relational disorder or by an organic disorder, as in intense and lasting pain.


GENERAL OBJECTIVE: To be able to detect and assess relational withdrawal in children between 0 and 24 months using the ADBB (Alarm Distress Baby Scale)

OPERATIONAL OBJECTIVES: At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  1. Define relational withdrawal.
  2. Understand the links between relational withdrawal and developmental risk.
  3. Name the main findings of research on relational withdrawal and the validity of the scale.
  4. Cite and define each of the items in the ADBB scale,
  5. Detect a relational withdrawal baby in all assessment situations in a reliable manner.
  6. Reliably assess the severity of relational withdrawal.


  • Theories and research on relational withdrawal
  • Scoring manual and assessment methodology
  • Training in scoring with the help of video documents:
    • Finding your way around the ADBB Scale,
    • first steps with the Scale
    • More in-depth
    • Test-retest and difficult items
    • Cases study
    • Review
    • Final test

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Welcome and introduction
Module 1 : theorical bases
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Module 2 : Manual and how to code
Module 3 : Built a representation of what is relationnal withdrawal and its levels of gravity (practice)
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Module 4: FInd you way around the ADBB scale (practice)
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Module 5 : Deepening you understanding of the coding system (practice)
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