Alarm Distress Baby Scale (ADBB) Training

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  • nursery nurses, paediatricians, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychomotricians, nurses, nursery professionals, osteopaths (10 to 25 people).
  • This training is not recommended for pregnant women or women who have just given birth, due to its content and emotional charge.
  • Our courses are accessible to people with disabilities, please notify your needs (one month before the course) in the tab provided on the pre-registration form. If you meet the pre-requisites and the public concerned, we will adapt your welcome and the teaching methods.
  • Knowledge of normal child development between 0 and 2 years of age.
  • Be a professional in the medico-social, early childhood or mental health fields

Review the program of the training.

Price includes VAT – Humagogie is exempt from VAT for professional training activities – Art. 261.4.4 a of the CGI
The course is to be paid in Euros by international bank transfer, debit card, payment card or Paypal exchange fees and bank charges may be added at your expense.

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3 avis pour Alarm Distress Baby Scale (ADBB) Training

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